Follow | Week:4

Resource Topics:

Please explore the following resources that our Resource Team curated. We think they will help you as you dive deeper into the topics discussed in our sermon series Follow.

Recommended Books:

Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

 “Every Good Endeavor deftly explains how we can relish and enjoy our work while honoring God and serving others, all the while avoiding the extremes of negativity on the one hand and idolatry on the other. Keller articulates why our work is a primary way to please and magnify God. Our daily work is ultimately an act of worship to the God who called and equipped us to do it—no matter what kind of work it is. ” Here’s the rest of the review on The Gospel Coalition.

Recommended Articles:

Ligonier Ministries: The Love and Peace of Christ

“Continuing his discussion of what the new humanity in Christ is supposed to look like, Paul in today’s passage gives the chief virtue that we are to display. In keeping with Scripture’s emphasis, this virtue is love (Col. 3:14)...”

Ligonier Ministries: Music in the Church

This is a fascinating article that explains the interdenominational approaches to musical worship within the church. The author writes, But worship is not about us — it is about glorifying God and exalting His name. The true test of Spirit-led worship is whether it pleases our Creator-Redeemer, not about whether it gives us an emotional high..” 

Recommended Podcasts:

The Listeners Commentary on Colossians 3:12-17 

An easy to listen to commentary on the passage that digs into the words and meaning.

God at Work Series- Turning Your Work into Ministry Part 1 

God at Work Series- Turning Your Work into Ministry Part 2

Maybe you feel empty and without purpose in your job…or out of place. Maybe you feel like you have more to give or that where you are doesn’t really matter. Well friend, God sees you… and is with you… and longs to give you His grace and power to go to work as if it’s your calling and ministry. On Moody Presents, Pastor Mark Jobe will help us understand how we can approach our daily routines with the attitude and mindset of Christ.

Warehouse Podcast

Welcome to the Warehouse. Have you ever heard a sermon and thought, "how in the world did he discover that?" Or "Where did he get that idea?" Every week at Cornerstone Church, two teams dig into the biblical text that will be taught during our weekend services. We spend hours talking about the text, context, culture, you name it. But you can't stuff ALL that into a 30-minute message. That's where we come in. We'll show you the stuff in the warehouse that didn't make it to the stage. 

Recommended Videos:

Work as Worship - A short video clip on how work can be part of our worship 

Recommended Sermons:

John Piper: Living Together When Christ Is All in All

“This text is about what it's like to live together as a church when Christ is all and in all. But to see that, we have to back up to verse 9 and work our way forward…”

Matt Chandler: Colossians 3:1-16

“Listen as Matt Chandler speaks on the topic of Worship from Colossians 3:1-16…”

The Gospel Coalition: The Grammar of the Gospel

“There’s a grammar to the gospel. The indicative always comes before the imperative. In this sermon on Colossians 1–3, Steve Rockwell explains how understanding what God has done for us is necessary to understand how we should respond…”

Other Recommended Resources:

"Insatiable" by Kim Walker Smith

"Grace That Changes Everything" by All Things New

"Heaven on Earth" by Stars Go Dim

"Let It Be Love" by Unspoken