Follow | Week:3

Resource Topics:

Please explore the following resources that our Resource Team curated. We think they will help you as you dive deeper into the topics discussed in our sermon series Follow.

Recommended Books:

40 Questions About the Historical Jesus by C. Marvin Pate

In this book, C. Marvin Pate (a professor of biblical studies), critically analyzes the gospel text and uses historical and cultural methods of investigation to answer 40 questions about the person of Christ. The questions are broken into four parts: Background Questions About the “Historical” Jesus, Questions About Jesus’ Birth and Childhood, Questions About Jesus’s Life and Teaching, and Questions About Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection. Part Three has a specific section on the significance of Jesus’s Temptations in the Wilderness. 

Recommended Articles:

Desiring God: "Could Jesus Have Sinned?: The Temptations and Triumph of Christ"

“The author of Hebrews tells us that Jesus was “in every respect . . . tempted as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). Jesus Christ, the God-man, was truly tempted in his humanity, though not in all the same ways as sinners are. Temptations came at him from without, while inside he remained “without sin.” Though Satan and a rebellious world assaulted him, temptation never found a home within him. He is, therefore, both impeccable in his moral purity and sympathetic to tempted sinners.”

The Gospel Coalition: "The Time-Traveling Temptation of Christ"

“Christ’s temptation works forward. We see in Adam’s fall our own sinfulness, but we see in Jesus’s obedience our righteousness. We are forgiven by his grace. We are filled by his grace. And we can withstand temptation by his grace…”

The Gospel Coalition: "The Temptations of Jesus"

“There are two great differences between Christ’s temptations and ours. First, our temptations arise, in part, from our own distorted desires; to the extent that they were enticement to sin, his came from without. Second, Christ resisted temptation entirely and utterly, continually dedicating himself to his Father’s will.”

Recommended Podcasts:

Warehouse Podcast  

Welcome to the Warehouse. Have you ever heard a sermon and thought, "how in the world did he discover that?" Or "Where did he get that idea?" Every week at Cornerstone Church, two teams dig into the biblical text that will be taught during our weekend services. We spend hours talking about the text, context, culture, you name it. But you can't stuff ALL that into a 30-minute message. That's where we come in. We'll show you the stuff in the warehouse that didn't make it to the stage. 

Ask Pastor John: "Can Jesus Really Understand My Temptations?"

“Jesus identifies with us to the greatest degree possible that is good for us. If he went beyond that, he would not be helpful or loving. If Jesus identified with you or me by sharing in my indwelling sin, he would cease to be a great high priest.”

Pray the Word Podcast (David Platt): "Empowered by His Spirit" (Luke 4: 1)

“In this episode of Pray the Word on Luke 4:1, David Platt explains that we as Christians are empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

Recommended Videos:

Got Questions Ministries: "What was the Meaning and Purpose of Jesus' Temptations?"

This short video simply breaks down the following questions: “Why did Satan try to tempt Jesus to sin? “Was Jesus ever truly tempted to sin?”

Recommended Sermons:

R.C. Sproul: "The Temptation of Jesus" (Luke 4: 1-13)

“Adam succumbed to Satan’s temptation in the lush garden of Eden, but Jesus withstood the devil’s assaults in the arid wilderness of Judea. In this sermon, R.C. Sproul helps us understand how Christ’s temptation played a crucial role in our redemption.”

R.C. Sproul: "Jesus Rejected (Luke 4: 20-30)

“No one can be on neutral ground with respect to Jesus. We must either receive Him or reject Him as the promised Savior. In this sermon, R.C. Sproul continues his expositional series in Luke’s gospel by addressing the hostility Jesus received in His hometown of Nazareth.”

Other Recommended Resources:

"My Defense" by Vertical Worship

"In the Middle of It" by Kalley

"Start With Me" by Chase Wagner

"Completely" by Influence Music