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Small Groups at Cornerstone meet for Bible studies and sermon discussions. Some meet for support. Others meet to be active together. All of them meet to help each other follow Jesus!

Leading a group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a space to connect. Leading a group is easy, simply choose an activity or study that interests you and select a time and place to meet with others to share it! We’ll give you the essential tools and resources in a Leader Training and coaching throughout the semester to help foster your success. We’ll also walk you through the resources we have available for groups, including sermon discussion guides, training videos addressing specific situations that you may encounter, and more.

Each group handles childcare independently. You can check the group description to see if childcare is available for a specific group or ask the Group Leader.

Yes! If a group is still ‘open’, you can join at any point in the semester. Groups listed as ‘closed’ means they are full at this time.

If you attend a group that’s not quite the right fit, don’t fret! We want you to feel comfortable in your group, and sometimes this means trying one (or a couple) out first. Don’t get discouraged!

Absolutely! Just be sure to check with us so we can reserve your spot.